Want to know how to leverage China’s growth for your personal success?

What if you could learn from entrepreneurs and influencers who have already proven themselves in the China market?

Would you be interested?

Join us to watch them share their stories, challenges, successes and advice to help you enter the China market, find your niche, build your brand, scale your business, make an impact and create a life you love.

Season 1

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Episode 1 - Elijah Whaley

Episode 2 - Ashley Dudarenok

Episode 3 - Greg Nance

Episode 4 - Daniela Bessia

Episode 5 - Jan Smejkal

Episode 6 - Kaili Huang

Episode 7 - Lukas Hlavac

Episode 8 - Mauricio Reyes

Episode 9 - Nitin Dani

Episode 10 - Shaun Rein

40+ More Interviews Coming Soon

Upcoming Episodes

Grant Horsfield

Founder at Naked Group

Sold to WeWork for $400 Million | Hospitality & Co-working spaces

Jeffrey Towson

Professor at Peking University

2.7 Million LinkedIn followers | Investing, Digital, Consumer

Josh Steimle

Founder at Influencer.Inc & MWI

Forbes, Time, Inc & Fortune Writer | Personal Branding, Marketing

Stone Shi

Stone Shi

Founder at Bon App

Top 50 F&B App | Tech & F&B

Jay, Charlie & Tyler

Co-founders at Baopals

Over 1 million products sold | E-Commerce

Domenica Di Lieto

Founder at Emerging Communications UK

China Entry Strategist | Digital Media Marketing

Alex Duncan

Co-founder & Product Lead at KAWO

Content Automation Evangelist |
Wechat & Weibo Marketing

Elizabeth Schieffelin

Founder at Lizzy’s All Natural & Zenergy

Health & Wellness Coach | Wellness & F&B

Joseph Leveque

Managing Partner at 31Ten

Digital Ecosystem Specialist | Wechat & Digital Strategy

Fabian Bern

Fabian Bern

Founder at Uplabs

Douyin Specialist | Digital Marketing

David Davila

Founder at Leaping Koi

Wing Chun Practitioner | Training & Coaching

Kimberly Ashton

Founder at Sprout Lifestyle

Health & Wellness Coach | Wellness & F&B

Lauren Hallanan

Consultant & Writer

Influencer & Podcast Host | Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Kapil Kane

Co-founder at Ideas2Reality

Intrapreneurship Speaker | Tech & Product Design

Kevin Maxim

Singer & Musician

International Performer | Entertainment

Carson McKelvey

Carson McKelvey

Managing Partner at Tofugear

Chief Experience Officer | Retail Tech

Akash Karia

Global Speaker & Author

Storytelling Keynote Speaker | Coaching & Training

Henk Werner

Founder & CEO at Trouble Maker Shenzhen

Maker Advocate | Product Development

Glenn Ball

Glenn Ball

GM at Nogogo

Online Groceries Expert | F&B E-Commerce

Darren O’Connell

Founder at ReLabs

EcoTourism Advocate | Fitness & Tourism

Prakhar Khanduja

Founder at Instalively & Pulse

Sold Company to Tencent | Internet & Social Media

Drew Kirchhoff

Co-founder at Yoli

WeChat Mini App Expert | Wechat, Tech & Education

Sarah Yam

Co-founder at Red Digital

Blogger & Vlogger | Digital Marketing

Abraham Sorock

Founder at Atlas China

Global Shaper | Staffing & Recruiting

Anita Chan

CEO at Compass Edge

Hotel Marketing Expert | Hospitality

Luke Nolan

Founder at Student.com

Global Internet Entrepreneur | Student Accommodation

Gregory Prudhommeaux

Founder at NextStep

French Podcast Host | Startups & Entertainment

Richard Robinson

Founder at Yolu, ChopSchticks & nHack

Seasoned Investor | Investing, Startups & Tech

Preeti Kumar

Founder at Amplify

JingDaily Columnist | Digital Strategy

Albin Warin

Founder at Happiness Architect & Mr. Monkies

Happiness Advocate | Training & Consulting

John Black

Founder at SeS

Black & African Fashion Advocate | Media Production

Michael Norris

Consumer Research at Resonace China

Next Generation China Expert | Consumer Research

Elisa Montalvo

Choreographer at Shanghai Disney Resort

Choreographer for China’s Got Talent | Performance, Entertainment

What can I learn?

You’ll learn whether you should enter the China Market, how to enter successfully, how to set-up, how to scale, and how to exit including topics such as:

  • How people have made their dreams come true
  • Whether China is worth the challenge
  • Misconceptions about business in China
  • The importance of understanding the culture
  • The importance of speaking Chinese
  • Challenges you are likely to encounter
  • How to find your niche

Meet Your Host

Fionn Wright

International Coach & Trainer | Award-Winning Documentary Producer | TV Personality

Fionn is named by City Weekend Magazine as one of the “11 Most Influential Movers & Shakers in Shanghai” – a city of 24 million – for the impact of his coaching & training.

He had a dream… but could he really make it a reality?

After skipping 2 grades, Fionn earned his Bachelor in International Business while learning to speak fluent Chinese & traveling the world for free by developing a method of speed-learning to distill 4 months of material into 4 hours.

After working in Africa, Europe, North America, South America & Asia as a business trainer and personal coach helping others BOOST SUCCESS in terms of their personal achievement, career, relationships, learning, and happiness, he filmed an Internationally Award Winning Documentary on Chinese Business and was offered a chance to be a partner in a multimillion-dollar construction project but would have to give up his dream of starting a family & being a world renowned coach and trainer.

He finally decided, “I MUST FOLLOW MY HEART” – to get married, have children and start business with his Salsa-dancing Shanghainese Soulmate. Seeing gaps in Shanghai’s traditional market for corporate training, children’s education and language learning, he founded & ran 3 innovative coaching companies, led a team to develop the first Holistic Wellness Programs in China, became the youngest NLP & Neuroscience Coach in the world & a Personality on Chinese National TV seen by 100+ MILLION PEOPLE.

Having had the opportunity to grow his personal brand in China, he now travels the world with his wife and 2 sons, live-streaming to up to 30,000 people simultaneously, living his dream & coaching others to do the same. He makes it his daily mission to transform into the best husband, father and human being he can be to help as many people as he can live a life they love. As Fionn always asks, “Are you closer to your dream today than you were yesterday?”